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FleFly Spinning Reel - SSR 10

Fle-Fly Spinning Reel



Gear Ratio          5.1:1
Line Cap:           200 yds (4lb test)
Ball Bearing:       5 Ball Bearings



Gear Ratio           5.1:1
Line Cap:          175 yds (6lb test)
Ball Bearing:       5 Ball Bearings

Go-Go Runner from FleFly

Go Go Runner


Looking for a lure with MAXIMUM flash and action under water? Then look no further then GO GO RUNNERS! GO GO RUNNERS are the perfect balance between the crazy popular GO GO MINNNOW and the long time favorite ROADRUNNER bladed jig-head.

The vibrating curl tail plus the thumping blade adds 2 times fish attracting action and vibration.

GO GO RUNNERS include:
Scaled Body With Vibrating Curl Tail
Baitfish Inspired Colors
Prism Eyes
Thumping Willow Blade
Extremely Sharp Hooks.

This comes 1 to pack.