Kaboom Swimbait

The new 4″ KABOOM swimbaits by Fle-Fly are perfect for Alabama rigs or slow roll them as single swimbait. KABOOM’s massive tail grabs lots of water allowing you to SLOW your baits way down while the tail keeps turning at ultra slow speeds. Alabama riggers love these feisty swimbaits because they can slow their A rigs down and keep them in the strike zone longer.

  • 3 inch Kaboom’s are 8 to a pack
  • 4 inch Kaboom’s are 7 to a pack

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  • Perfect for Bass, Saltwater fish, Stripers, Hybrid Stripers or any large predator fish.
  • Super soft with plenty of tail action.
  • Proven fish attracting colors.



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