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In 1952, Fred Storer, the founder of FLE-FLY created the first commercially sold chenille crappie jig and from that point on his creation has helped millions of anglers catch fish.

Next, in 1993, the 2nd owners of the FLE-FLY brand John Harvey and Dwight Russell built a lead free jig using Fred’s original swimbait design.

Today, OutdoorBrandz owns FLE-FLY and we have not changed anything about the jigs original design. Let Fred, John and Dwight’s hard work help you catch more fish.

These jigs come in 2-pack

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Classic Series

Cherry Limeade – red head-chartreuse body-chartreuse tail
Jerry’s Favorite – chartreuse head-black body-chartreuse tail
Orange Crush – chartreuse head-bright orange body and tail
Mama’s Go Getter – white head-hot pink body-pink and white tail
Bleeder – red head-white body-red and white tail

Natural Colors 

Minnow – silver head-minnow colored body-white tail
Sculpin – brown head-brown hackle body-brown and black tail
Crawdad – light brown head-burnt orange body- brown and orange tail
Yellow Jacket- black head-black and yellow body-black and yellow tail


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