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Smelly Smax are shad scented and are very durable. These shad scented bait balls designed to immediately enhance the smell of any fishing lure!

SMAX are designed to leave a long lasting scent trail so finicky fish can easily find your lure. They also can be used by themselves as bait on bare hooks for Trout, Bluegill, Perch or many other Panfish.

Go-Go Runner from FleFly

Go Go Runner


Looking for a lure with MAXIMUM flash and action under water? Then look no further then GO GO RUNNERS! GO GO RUNNERS are the perfect balance between the crazy popular GO GO MINNNOW and the long time favorite ROADRUNNER bladed jig-head.

The vibrating curl tail plus the thumping blade adds 2 times fish attracting action and vibration.

GO GO RUNNERS include:
Scaled Body With Vibrating Curl Tail
Baitfish Inspired Colors
Prism Eyes
Thumping Willow Blade
Extremely Sharp Hooks.

This comes 1 to pack.

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Lure Flavor


LURE FLAVOR is all purpose attractant and flavoring attractant designed for usage on soft plastics, rubber lures, flies and jigs.

  • Longest lasting flavor on the market – Guaranteed!
  • Instantly penetrates soft plastics, rubber lures, flies and jigs.
  • Fish follow the intense scent and flavor.
  • Easy to use – Spray baits while fishing or soak baits at home for extra flavoring.
  • 100’s of sprays in each bottle.



10 inch – Crappie Gauge

  • No Need To Touch Fish

  • Fish Stays On The Line

  • No Flopping Or Finning

  • Protects Fish

Classic Slab - White



“FLE-FLY’s Classic Slab bendable spoons are available in 11/2 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Since the early 90’s these Classic Slab Bendable Spoons have been catching Striper, all species of Bass, Skipjack Herring, Crappie, Walleye and any other schooling predator species that eat bait-fish in salt and freshwater.

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