“FLE-FLY’s Classic Slab bendable spoons are available in 11/2 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Since the early 90’s these Classic Slab Bendable Spoons have been catching Striper, all species of Bass, Skipjack Herring, Crappie, Walleye and any other schooling predator species that eat bait-fish in salt and freshwater.

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Five very popular colors include Red, Blue, Black, Chartreuse, White. Holographic-Silver Scale finish is also included on all Minnow Spoons! The action of all the FLE-FLY spoons mimic a injured bait-fish which causes fish to hit them aggressively with reaction strikes.

  • The more you bend the minnow spoon the slower it falls.
  • Cast it out, let it sink, pull it up and wait for the fish to clobber it at it falls.
  • Most hits do occur when the spoon is falling.
  • Don’t bent it unless the fish want a slower presentation.
  • In muddy or stained water the Red and Chartreuse spoons are a great choice.

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