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FleFly Bait Gripper Jig Head

Bait Gripper Jig Head


Fle-Fly Swim Bait heads are the perfect addition to small soft plastic lures like the GO GO MINNOWS and CRAPPIE KICKERS. This nifty little head has the exact same 45 degree angled eyelet that Fle-Fly has been using since 1952.

The angled eye allows the baits to be reeled or pitched more precisely. The 45 degree head also looks more life like when you are pulling the baits through the water or casting out and letting them fall over structure.

3 per pack.

Big Eye Jig Head - Chartreuse

Big Eye Jig Head


Perfectly balanced weight forward head design keeps baits in a horizontal position. Lazer sharp black nickel American made hooks.

3 per pack.

Classic Slab - White

Classic Slab


“FLE-FLY’s Classic Slab bendable spoons are available in 11/2 oz and 2 oz sizes.

Since the early 90’s these Classic Slab Bendable Spoons have been catching Striper, all species of Bass, Skipjack Herring, Crappie, Walleye and any other schooling predator species that eat bait-fish in salt and freshwater.

Crappie Gauge


10 inch – Crappie Gauge

  • No Need To Touch Fish

  • Fish Stays On The Line

  • No Flopping Or Finning

  • Protects Fish

Crappie Kicker - Electric Blue

Crappie Kicker


CRAPPIE KICKERS! These feisty little lures have a straight tail action like no other.

Check this out – When you hold them to the side the tail droops behind the body. When you put them in the water the tail floats up behind the body! Every wave, reel crank and rod twitch makes the CRAPPIE KICKERS tail go wild. Fish can’t resist…….

You can’t hold the CRAPPIE KICKER’S tail still – Perfect for those big ol’ slab Crappie, Bass, Perch and Trout.

FleFly Spinning Reel - SSR 10

Fle-Fly Spinning Reel



Gear Ratio          5.1:1
Line Cap:           200 yds (4lb test)
Ball Bearing:       5 Ball Bearings



Gear Ratio           5.1:1
Line Cap:          175 yds (6lb test)
Ball Bearing:       5 Ball Bearings

FleFly Micro Braid


Crystal White MICRO BRAID is a great value and great choice when casting of vertical jigging for Panfish.

MICRO BRAID is a revolutionary, very thin, sensitive Panfish line allows you to feel the slightest strikes. It will allow anglers to cast long distances into windy condition and feel soft strike when reeling.  MICRO BRAID has no line memory problems!

Go-Go Runner from FleFly

Go Go Runner


Looking for a lure with MAXIMUM flash and action under water? Then look no further then GO GO RUNNERS! GO GO RUNNERS are the perfect balance between the crazy popular GO GO MINNNOW and the long time favorite ROADRUNNER bladed jig-head.

The vibrating curl tail plus the thumping blade adds 2 times fish attracting action and vibration.

GO GO RUNNERS include:
Scaled Body With Vibrating Curl Tail
Baitfish Inspired Colors
Prism Eyes
Thumping Willow Blade
Extremely Sharp Hooks.

This comes 1 to pack.

GoGo Minnow - Electric Chicken

GoGo Minnow


Ponds, creeks, rivers or lakes – The GO GO MINNOW makes catching fish easier wherever they swim! The combination of a perfectly shaped minnow body that’s attached to a vibrating curl tail creates a lure that gamefish simply can’t resist.

Once you start fishing with the GO GO Minnows you won’t be able to take a trip with out them.

Depending upon the size, the chart below represents how many baits come per pack.

  • Go Go Minnow 2″- 12pack

  • Go Go Minnow 2.5″- 10pack

Hand Towel


Fishing can be messy! Now you can hit the water with an awesome hand towel that clips to your belt or boat. These towels are super absorbent and wash easily. Get yours today!

Kaboom Swimbait - Black / Pearl

Kaboom Swimbait


The new 4″ KABOOM swimbaits by Fle-Fly are perfect for Alabama rigs or slow roll them as single swimbait. KABOOM’s massive tail grabs lots of water allowing you to SLOW your baits way down while the tail keeps turning at ultra slow speeds. Alabama riggers love these feisty swimbaits because they can slow their A rigs down and keep them in the strike zone longer.

  • 3 inch Kaboom’s are 8 to a pack
  • 4 inch Kaboom’s are 7 to a pack