Many of us know the feeling of not getting many bites. So what do you do? Keep Moving! Check out the video below for a ride along with Pops and his family.

Ever wonder what to do when the fish aren’t cooperating? Well, ya just gotta keep digging till you find gold! Ride along with Pops and his family in his next educational video as they show you that sometimes it’s fishing…..Not Catching!

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  1. Awesome to see we all have to work for our fish. You can have the best bait, all the electronics and equipment but it’s still fishing. That’s why I love it. Thank you for showing a fishing video. My 10,9 and 4 year old grandsons still think because you guys always show videos catching fish we are doing something wrong. After 60 years of fishing it’s still fishing gotta change with the fish! Good luck and keep fishing.

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