Hi everyone,

I was able to get in some white bass fishing this weekend.  I shot a Facebook Live video showing how I search for white bass in muddy water.  This was shot at Grand Lake and I was using the a FleFly Go Go minnow (firecracker).   Leave a us comment below if you like.  Did you do any fishing this weekend?

Here is a link to our FleFly GoGo Minnows
GoGo Minnow - Electric Chicken

GoGo Minnow


Ponds, creeks, rivers or lakes – The GO GO MINNOW makes catching fish easier wherever they swim! The combination of a perfectly shaped minnow body that’s attached to a vibrating curl tail creates a lure that gamefish simply can’t resist.

Once you start fishing with the GO GO Minnows you won’t be able to take a trip with out them.

Depending upon the size, the chart below represents how many baits come per pack.

  • Go Go Minnow 2″- 12pack

  • Go Go Minnow 2.5″- 10pack